Sushi Dog

Sushi Dog

Sushi dogs look very similar to normal dogs, but with very exaggerated features and overall anatomy. They're also very small, measuring only about an inch or so tall. Because they take on the features of the food they've taken form from, their appearance can vary wildly from soosh to soosh!

Basic Anatomy:

  • Head - Quite large for their body, with small facial features. Overall shape is mostly round, and is very fluffy with little defined structure.
  • Eyes - Always closed. Sushi dogs' magic reserves are surprisingly vast for their small bodies, and they require intense concentration to maintain their furry forms and use their magic.
  • Snout - Short and compact, with cute little noses for sniffin' stuff.
  • Cheek pouches - Sushi dogs need cheek pouches to channel their magic. Usually these appear as circular-shaped markings on their cheeks.
  • Ears - Usually small and slightly rounded, but can potentially vary a lot from soosh to soosh!
  • Neck - Very short and covered in fluff, you might just miss it!
  • Body - Quite small in proportion to the head. Soft, round, and very fluffy.
  • Tail - Varies a lot from soosh to soosh, but usually canine-like with fluffy or wispy fur.
  • Legs - Four short and stocky legs! Muscle and bone definition is hidden under lots of fluff, so they tend to look a little stumpy.
  • Paws - Soft and round, with four toes and small retractable claws. Paw pads are small and somewhat heart-shaped.
    Sushi dogs walk on all fours, but can also stand on their hind legs for short periods of time.
  • Bandana - All soosh have a white swirl-patterned bandana tied somewhere to their body. A sushi dog's bandana is bound to it with powerful magic and cannot be untied or removed by physical force.
  • Hair - Some sushi dogs have hair on top of their heads! It can be any length and style, just like human hair.
  • Clothes and accessories - For the more fashion-savvy soosh! Not all sushi dogs have them, but they're very common. Accessories are removable unless bound by a swirled bandana.
Sushi Cat

Sushi Cat

Sometimes, the Great Soosh will spawn a sushi cat instead of a sushi dog. Whether this act is intentional or not is unknown, and is hotly debated among soosh philosophers..

Sushi cats are similar to sushi dogs in terms of features, but can be differentiated from sushi dogs by their enchanted bell, long whiskers, and slinky, feline form (compare to sushi dogs, which are more stocky and compact). Although they aren't as common as sushi dogs, they have the same magic potential.

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