All soosh have the capability to use magic powers, unique to each soosh themselves. Their powers fall into the following affinities: illusion, creation, transformation, and enchantment.

Magic Affinity

Affinity refers to a specific "category" of magic that a magic power belongs to (as opposed to the specific power). For example, for two soosh capable of breathing fire, one soosh creates real flames that can burn things, while another soosh creates an illusion of flames that cannot burn. These would be considered to fit into separate affinities, even though they look to be the same power!

Sushi dog magic is divided into the following four affinities:

Affinity Bonus

Affinity bonuses allow you to affect the rate at which your character gains certain rewards from adventures, allowing you to control your playstyle within the ARPG! For example, if you want to maximize your CR earnings, you should adventure with a soosh that uses illusion magic.

To help you understand affinity bonuses and how you can use them, let's go over them all using an example adventure where Onigiri uses Charm and earns a drawing bonus:

Illusion Affinity Bonus
Illusion mastery greats the user double the total CR earned from adventures if earning any virtue points, including any CR awarded for available bonuses.

January Adventuring Quest Rewards: 100 CR for completion, 50 CR for drawing bonus, quest giver awards +1 Wit if using Wit

If Onigiri is an illusion magic user, he can claim double the amount of CR he earns from this adventure. Because he earns the drawing bonus, his total rewards for the January adventure would be 300 CR and 1 Charm point.

Creation Affinity Bonus
Creation mastery allows the user to repeat a previously completed adventure as long as the adventure is still open.

January Adventuring Quest Rewards: 100 CR for completion, 50 CR for drawing bonus, quest giver awards +1 Wit if using Wit

If Onigiri is a creation magic user, he can complete this adventure twice. Let's say he meets the drawing bonus on both tries, because he's an overachiever. His total rewards for the January adventure would be 300 CR and 2 Charm points.

Transformation Affinity Bonus
Transformation mastery allows the user to claim +1 extra virtue point (of the same type already claimed for the prompt) instead of the drawing/writing bonus (only if drawing/writing bonus criteria is met).

Adventuring Quest Rewards: 100 CR for completion, 50 CR for drawing bonus, quest giver awards +1 Wit if using Wit

If Onigiri is a transformation magic user, he can claim an extra virtue point as his drawing bonus instead of the 50 CR listed here if he wants. If he does this, his total rewards for the January adventure would be 100 CR and 2 Charm points (or 150 CR and 1 Charm point, if he does want to use his affinity bonus).

Enchantment Affinity Bonus
Enchantment mastery allows the user to always receive an adventure's quest giver bonus if earning any virtue points, regardless of whether or not the quest giver bonus criteria is met.

Adventuring Quest Rewards: 100 CR for completion, 50 CR for drawing bonus, quest giver awards +1 Wit if using Wit

If Onigiri is an enchantment magic user, he will always receive the quest giver bonus on adventures as long as he earns any virtue points for the prompt. In this case, he can earn 1 Wit point even though he is using Charm for this prompt, not Wit. His total rewards for the January adventure would be 150 CR, 1 Charm point, and 1 Wit point.

Magic Training

Sushi dogs do not intuitively have control over their magic power; it first has to be discovered, and then mastered through training!

Magic training is completed through a unique questline made up of three prompts. Through this training, your sushi dog will earn magic points (MP) as proof of their growing mastery over magic. Once their training is completed, you can trade their 3 MP to "claim" your soosh's magic power as a trait to be added onto your sushi dog's profile. When that's finished, your sushi dog is ready to earn virtue points

To claim a magic power for your sushi dog, first complete the full 3-part magic training questline. When the full questline has been completed and approved, please submit a claim (with your character attached) with the following information in the comments box :

  • Magic Affinity: [illusion, creation, transformation, or enchantment]
  • Magic Power: [a description of your soosh's specific power--this should be consistent with prompt artwork]
  • Magic Quest 1: [links to your magic questline prompt artwork]
  • Magic Quest 2:
  • Magic Quest 3:

If accepted, your sushi dog's masterlist entry will be updated with their magic power!

Alternatively, you can skip this questline entirely by purchasing an energizing tonic from Pommelraie's Salon. While there are advantages to going through the questline (it'll give you an opportunity to develop your sushi dog's personality, as well as a nice boost in CR), if you've got some KP burning a hole in your pocket, it certainly wouldn't hurt to give yourself a headstart in adventuring quests.

What Next?

Now that your sushi dog has a magic power for themselves, they can start earning virtue points from prompts!

Virtues are the four aspects making up a sushi dog's soul, and using one of these four virtues on adventures helps strengthen them, granting sushi dogs the spiritual power to grow in appearance, and even improve their magical prowess!

To learn more about virtue points and how to earn them, please click here to read the virtues guide.

Magic FAQ

Does my sushi dog need magic unlocked to do prompts?

No! However, your sushi dog needs a magic power in order to earn virtue points.

If you don't want to unlock a magic power for your sushi dog, you can still participate in prompts for carats.

Can my sushi dog have more than one magic power?
No! Your sushi dog can only have one magic power, and the power you choose is locked when you claim it.
Can I change my sushi dog's magic power?

Yes! You can purchase a decadent tonic from Pommelraie's Salon to remove your soosh's existing magic power. You can then earn a new one either by completing the magic training questline again or by using an energizing tonic.

Do I have to finish the full questline all at once?

The magic questline can be completed at your leisure. You can finish it all at once if you prefer, or you can go several months between parts. It's your choice!

We do, however, recommend not completing the full questline at once, as one or more prompts may be rejected if they do not meet the requirements. For example, your part 1 prompt may be rejected because the magic power you've chosen does not fit into canon. If that were the case, and you had already drawn parts 2 and 3, you may have to start them all over!

Do sushi dogs keep their magic power after traded?

Yes. If someone unlocks a magic power for a sushi dog, then trades it, that sushi dog will still have the same magic power. If you aren't happy with the power they've come with, you may reset it with a decadent tonic and then earn a new one.

They do not, however, retain their quest progress if their previous owner had only partially completed the questline. For example, if the previous owner completed quests 1 and 2 before trading to you, you would have to start over from quest 1.