Prompt Guide

Basic Prompt Rules

While the requirements for each prompt may vary wildly from prompt to prompt, we have a strict set of rules that ALL prompts must abide by. While breaking these rules for your prompt may not get you in trouble (depending on the circumstances, of course), they will result in immediate rejection of your prompt submission.

  1. Prompts may not depict content that is derogatory or hateful towards certain groups of people.
  2. Prompts may not depict injuries or death of any characters depicted.
  3. Prompts may not depict sexual content or imagery of any kind.
  4. Sushi Dogs depicted in prompts must be accurate to the design currently shown on their master list profile.
  5. Unless otherwise stated, artwork used for prompts must depict full-body character art in order to meet the prompts' character requirements (including additional characters).
  6. Unless otherwise stated, all prompts must be submitted as either artwork or writing, not both.

About Completion Requirements

These requirements, if applicable, will list the minimum level of completion on your drawing or writing required to receive the base reward for the prompt. Though these requirements are listed separately, please remember that unless otherwise stated, your prompt entry will be judged as either a drawn or written piece, not both. While you are welcome to turn in a prompt submission that meets both requirements, the rewards and their associated bonuses will not stack.

Artwork Completion Requirements

Sushi Dogs art prompts will ask you to meet one of four difficulty levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced, or expert. These levels essentially describe the level of detail that your artwork must have in order to satisfy the prompt's requirements.


Beginner-level prompt artwork should be, at minimum, an uncolored line drawing. Your sketch lines don't have to be precise as long as they are legible!


To meet the intermediate level, color your sketch to match the character's colors. Make sure that they are accurate to the character's design!


Advanced level prompt art adds shading to help give your flat-colored drawing more detail and dimension! Cel shading, soft shading, and painting are all acceptable, but please aim for (at minimum) the level of shading displayed in the provided examples.


This is the most challenging level of drawing prompt! For expert-level art prompts, simply take your flat-colored and shaded character drawing and place it in an environment. At this level, we are aiming to create a scenic illustration, so please be sure that your background is not too abstract. Backgrounds must include at least four fully visible unique objects to pass as Expert!


Prompt artwork may be above the required level, but cannot be below it. For example, if a prompt calls for intermediate level artwork, you are welcome to submit artwork at the advanced or expert level, but you cannot submit artwork at the beginner level.

Additionally, while we strive to grade everyone fairly, unfortunately, art is very subjective, and your style may vary greatly from the examples provided. If you are unsure if your prompt artwork will be accepted, please contact us and we will happy to help!

Writing Completion Requirements

For written pieces, your requirement for completion will be a word count, on top of the listed objectives. Writing must be proofread and legible, as well as contain clear scenery depictions. Characters must have descriptors regarding their behavior and personality - dialogue only content will not be accepted. We expect a simple plot line and an easy to follow story.

If the written entry is too confusing for a moderator to appropriately grade, then it is subject to rejection.
This means: no run-on sentences, no continuous dialogue without breaks, and accurate spelling throughout the piece.

We expect users to ensure ample quality in written submissions as much as we expect from art pieces, so please only do writing if it is your desire!

About Character Requirements

These rules define the types of characters that can or can't be included in your prompt.

Eligible and Ineligible Characters
  • NPCs: Non-Player Characters. These are listed in the character masterlist under the category "Non-Player Character," and have the character code "NPC."
  • Player Characters: These are characters the belong to other users within the community! Player characters are listed in the character masterlist under the following categories: "Official Soosh" (character code "OFF"), "Guest Soosh" (character code "GST"), and "MYO."
  • Retired Characters: These are characters that no longer exist in the world of Culario, and are listed in the masterlist under the category "Retired" with the character code "RTD." Because they do not exist within the canon of Culario, retired characters are always ineligible for use in prompts.
Ownership Requirements
  • N/A: You may draw characters that you own, characters owned by others, or NPCs (unless NPCs are ineligible for the prompt).
  • Owned player characters: You must draw characters that you currently own. You may be allowed (or required) to include characters that you do not own, depending on the prompt, but a character that you own must be included.
  • Non-owned player characters: You must draw characters that belong to others, or NPCs (unless NPCs are ineligible for the prompt). You may be allowed to include your own characters, depending on the prompt, but a character that you do not own must be included.
Additional Characters
  • Not required: You do not need to include any additional characters in your prompt. You may do so if you'd like!
  • Required: At least one additional character must be included in your prompt. Some prompts have specific rules for required additional characters, so please read carefully.
  • Not allowed: You cannot include any additional characters in your prompt.

About Rewards and Bonuses

Each prompt will include a column detailing the available rewards and bonuses for the prompt. Potential bonus reward criteria will be listed in the submission requirements column as well, but the rewards column features a condensed list of what you can earn for completing certain goals.

  • Base Reward: This is what you will receive for completing the minimum requirements for the prompt.
  • Quest Giver Bonus: Occasionally, the quest giver will grant a bonus reward if you play to their tastes. Be sure to pay attention to which NPC is the quest giver!
  • Drawing Bonus: A bonus for going above and beyond with an artwork prompt (usually, this will mean hitting a completion level beyond what is minimally required for the base reward, see drawing requirements above).
  • Writing Bonus: A bonus for going above and beyond with a written prompt (usually, this will mean reaching a higher word count than what is minimally required for the base reward).
  • Character Bonus: A bonus for the number and/or types of characters in your prompt.

As bonuses will vary from prompt to prompt, do be sure to read the bonus criteria before submitting your prompt! This will help you maximize your profit from each prompt you enter.

Prompts FAQ

Can I submit the same artwork or writing to different prompts?
No. Please create new work for each prompt that you'd like to enter. We consider reuse of prompt art to be a form of cheating, and will result in punishment up to and including rescinding of currency/item rewards or permanent banning from prompts.
Can I submit art or writing that I commissioned?

No, any artwork or writing used for your prompts must be made by you. We'd like for our prompts to encourage artists and writers to improve their skills. Additionally, we want to avoid giving advantages to the privileged few that can buy them, in order to keep the game as balanced and fair as possible. Please create your own prompt submissions to the best of your ability and resources!

Can I submit art or writing that I was commissioned to make?
No, any artwork that was used for another purpose like art trades, commissions, etc. do not count towards prompts and are ineligible to be submitted. The only exclusion to this is that Claim Game submissions from our discord, count for the Oodles of Doodles prompt, as this is considered gift art.
Can I submit art or writing that I collaborated on with a friend?
No. Unless otherwise stated, your prompt submissions must be completely made by you. We may have specific collab prompts in the future, but for now, please create your own prompt submissions with your own skills!
Can I draw my sushi dog in alternate form for prompts?

Human forms are considered to be canon to the world of Culario and are allowed for use in prompts. Non-canon forms cannot be used in prompts.

Detailed information on human forms will be added in future site updates, but a basic list of features necessary to include are:

  • Your sushi dog's ears and tail
  • Your sushi dog's bandana or bandanas (may be adjusted slightly to fit better on a human form!)
  • Your sushi dog's cheek pouches (should be depicted as small marks on their cheeks or just under their eyes)

Other than that, we are very flexible with the depiction of human forms, so please have fun designing them! You can view one canon-compliant example here: [link]

Does prompt artwork have to be digital art?
No! You are free to use any medium to create your prompt artwork, so long as it meets the drawing requirements.