MYO Sushi Dog Guide

What is a MYO Sushi Dog?

Obtaining MYO slots

MYO slots can be purchased from The Sooshapon Machine for 2500 carats (CR) or 35 koinpeito (KP). The Sooshapon Machine is restocked on the first of each month at midnight EST, so you may need to act quickly to get one! MYO slots are also frequently given away in contests and events, so simply participating in the community is a good way to get a MYO slot of your own.

You may also be able to get a MYO slot by trading with others, 

View The Sooshapon Machine     Purchase Koinpeito

Designing your MYO Sushi Dog

When designing your MYO slot keep in mind the main traits that your Sushi Dog needs to have:

  • Basic Food Theme
  • Body Build (Standard, Triptych, etc)
  • Ear Style
  • Shape and Color of Cheeks
  • Small bandana with a simple knot and white swirls
  • Tail style

View All Standard Traits

As long as you have the above traits down, the overall appearance of your MYO sushi dog is up to you! You should be creative, and try to make sure your MYO design isn't too similar to other existing soosh. Additionally, the food that you pick for their theme should be at least somewhat reflected in their design!

If you feel limited by the traits you're allowed, you may want to get your hands on some items before having your MYO design approved! If you're lucky, you may even get one as a random bonus with your MYO slot.

View All Gourmet Traits

Haute Potion
Upgrades allowed: add 1 gourmet trait per potion

How to obtain: random chance, or traded from another user
Enchanted Bell

Upgrades allowed: changes species to sushi cat, and adds the traits "kitty whiskers" and "enchanted bell"

How to obtain: random chance, or traded from another user


MYO Approval Process

Alright! You're ready to submit your design for approval, but where do you start?

01. First you'll want to navigate to your MYO Sooshapon slot in your inventory. Click how many you want to use and then open! Your slot will now be found under "MYO Slots" on your profile.

02. Click on your new MYO Slot. On the left side you will see the option to "Submit MYO Design". Once on that page, click "Create Request".

03. Follow the tabs at the top and make sure you fill out all of the information. Make sure to hit save when done on each page.

  • Comments: Not required, but let us know if there's anything we need to know!
  • Masterlist Image: Upload your image here and give credit to the artist/designer (even if it's you!). Make sure as much of your Sushi Dog is visible as possible in the thumbnail. To achieve this, just fully zoom out your thumbnail.
  • Add-Ons: Using any items today? Be sure to include them here!
  • Traits: Probably the most important part for your approval! Be sure to include at least one of the following to speed your approval up!
    • Basic Food Theme: (Put your food name in the comments)
    • Build (Probably Standard!)
    • Ear Style
    • Cheek Color
    • Cheek Shape
    • Bandana Size
    • Knot Style
    • Tail Type

04. And that's it! Once you're all done, head over to the "Status" tab and click "Submit Request"! You will hopefully hear back from us in at least a week!

Have any questions? Leave us a comment below!

We can't wait to see what you design!

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